Money Legos

March 31 - April 30, 2020

About Money Legos

There's a revolution brewing in the streets. It's time to DeFi conventional finance by #BUIDLing DApps that can give back control of money to the masses.

Here's your chance to reimagine everything from insurance to lending and even invent new ways to put your money to work.

Introducing Money Legos - A Global Online DeFi Hackathon by Devfolio, the team behind ETHIndia in association with the best of the world's Web3 companies.

Learn, collaborate, grow and #BUIDL with the best peers and mentors to change the way money works.


Matic Network

1. DeFi Testnet on Matic Theme (Rewards Upto $500 for each protocol)


  • To enable a set of decentralized protocols on the Matic Network to make it easy for decentralized app (DApp) developers to reuse this functionality in their DApps just like on Ethereum, rather than reinventing the wheel.
  • Enable automatic liquidity maintenance on Matic Network


  • Deploy ONE or more of either Kyber, Compound or Uniswap on Matic Network (Upto $500 bounty for each protocol)
  • Create a few dummy tokens with legit names eg., mEth, m0x, mDai.
  • Create a utility which runs in the backend and maintains both sides of the orders continuously. For example mDAI-mETH pair should always have orders to consume on both buy and sell side
  • You can use Biconomy for doing internal meta transactions by the utility
  • User facing components must be easy to get started with. (front-end)

2. DEX on Plasma (Rewards Upto $1000)

Expectation: A proof of concept of a decentralised exchange on Matic Network with plasma backed asset swaps. Demonstrate deposit of two tokens from main chain to matic chain and an atomic swap between the two.

  • From user’s perspective, she should be able to deposit her token onto Matic, sign an order
  • A page that displays all the signed orders
  • An order matching logic that matches the orders and executes an atomic asset swap between the two tokens

Relevant links:

  • Codebase for child contracts deployed on Matic - ChildERC20 and ChildERC721
  • Note: Matic’s Plasma-backed asset swaps makes use of a signed transfer method (ref. transferWithSig method in the above two contracts, and the Marketplace.sol smart contract)
  • You need to use Matic Plasma Swap contract instead of normal order execution

Tokens that can be used - TEST-ERC20 and TEST-ERC721

3. NFT Marketplace for Decentraland (Rewards Upto $1000)

Expectation: Create a marketplace where people can exchange in-game items deployed on Matic sidechains

  1. Note: Use Matic TEST ERC721 token for this bounty, represented as “LAND” tokens

  2. Flow:

  • User accesses an NFT marketplace on Matic chain - represented as LAND marketplace for Dentraland’s LAND token
  • Swaps their NFT with available NFTs
  • Buy new NFTs with MANA (ERC20) tokens
  1. Codebase for ChildERC721 contract (for mapped tokens on Matic)
  2. Additional reward for a creative use case to deposit asset (NFT) bought on this market place as a collateral for loan


  • Matic’s Plasma-backed asset swaps makes use of a signed transfer method (ref. transferWithSig method in the above contract, and the Marketplace.sol smart contract)
  • Facilitate high-volume swaps of plasma backed assets

4. Open Track - Defi Ninjas (Rewards Upto $500)

Expectation: Use famous DEFI projects like Sablier etc to build a use case and deploy it on Matic


  • A proof of concept for tipping content producers on social media platforms.
  • Personal Time tokens.
  • Subscription Services

Additional Awards:

Meta transactions - additional $50 will be awarded

  • GSN
  • Biconomy (Eg. Link)

Each wallet Integration - additional $50 will be awarded

  • FortMatic
  • Arkane
  • Torus
  • Portis

Find more details about the bounties here.


3 bounty prizes totalling 60,000 INR are being offered to teams that build on Biconomy

1. Optimised Gas Management Bot

Aim: Make a bot to find the optimised gas price needed per transaction on ethereum and integrate the solution with mexa-sdk.

Useful Links:

2. Subsidized Gas fees

Aim: Use open staking and defi protocols to subsidize the gas cost

Useful links:

3. Open Track

Aim: Use Biconomy and build some cool use cases. Your creativity will be rewarded

Few Examples

  • Use Biconomy’s SDK and build gasless erc20 swaps
  • Build a pluggable widget or a browser extension/add-on – using metamask plugin to make the best UI/UX for signed messages by the user.

Useful Links

Code submission guidelines:

  • Fork the mexa-sdk github repository.
  • Create a new branch and create a directory “Examples”
  • Push your code to your forked repo branch.
  • Raise a PR on mexa-sdk repo

Learn more about the bounties here.


Everyone is welcome to participate, be it students, professionals or turing-test certified androids. Participations are based on interest in Ethereum and ability to BUIDL - whether that’s writing software, designing beautiful UX, product management, or something else entirely.

To participate, click on "Apply with Devfolio" button. You will then be able to create your project once the hackathon starts. To be eligible for the judging process you'll have to submit the project before the hackathon ends.

Yes, you can submit projects as part of teams of up to 5 people. Most teams aim to have a mix of people with both design and developer skills.

There are bounties worth upto $8000 up for grabs!

Zero. Zip. Zilch. Nada. Nothing. Participation in Money Legos is completely free.

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